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It's Halloween!

Onto nightmare fuel!

I have been saving this one for a long time. Today though is the best day. Prepare your eyeholes for "Val Val Val"!

At one point, I wanted to write about how this is genius and make some crazy post trying to find some symbolism. Maybe it's there. Maybe it's just Mr. Wheele fucking with us and making cartoons that David Lynch would make if David Lynch made cartoons. All I know, is I've watched it fairly religiously since discovery and it continues to blow my mind.

No One Really Needs Variety Do They?

I've always taken a sort of pride in my local radio stations solely for the selection they offered. You want country? We have that. Hip Hop/R&B? That too. Classic Rock? We have two of those! Maybe three. One station is an oldies one which will play stuff that fits. We even have a dancehall/reggae station! It's kinda hard to pick up and usually sounds scratchy, but it's there dammit!

So I'm driving to work, flipping stations, and the modern rock station is playing "This Time" by INXS, which was...odd. They've played older stuff, but this was totally out of character. The next song was by older Pearl Jam, so ok, their just doing a retro hour. That's fine.

Driving home from work, and it's Pink Floyd. Something is clearly off here. I go to the site and well, they've switched to classic rock. Because clearly, two stations was not enough. I don't exactly blame them, as classic rock is one of the few genres that will always sell, because there will always be people wanting to reclaim their youth and snobby high schoolers who walk around in Jim Morrison shirts, and hey, I can't tell you the last modern rock song they played that I liked, but I liked the option. I liked that I could use it to learn about new bands. Now I'm left listening to popular cuts from Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of The Moon" which I already knew existed, and had two stations to pick from.

Also the station now sounds really off. Before it was a party atmosphere and sounded like two DJs who were having fun, now it's two DJs having sort of fun WHILE reminding you about county fairs. They aren't as bad as the guy on the oldies station who's basically the radio version of Jay Leno, but gah. It's not the same.

On the upside, that INXS song is really sweet. So there was that.

I Was At Wal-Mart Today AGAIN.

And this Wal-Mart is either completely behind the curve on new Hot Wheels or they sold out. I'll probably have to go to my local TRU, which not only contains the latest, but still has some old Hot Ones sitting there. It's both super active and super dead. Kind of a strange place for a toy store to be.

Either way, that was merely a bonus hunt. I was really there to snag me up a Catty Noir, and I succeeded (granted, she's not too hard to get now, but still).

Didn't really want this one until I saw boomdiada's photo and it was an immediate grab. She gave off these "smokey blues hall singer" vibes and and well, that was enough.

Turns out she isn't, but meh, she's still at least two things I like, those being apparently a pop star liked by teenage girls, and a Halloweeny tie-in, and I am a sucker for those. Be they food, figures, ponys (oh, Pumpkin Tart, the adventures we will have soon) Halloweeny stuff is always wanted and enjoyed. Even if it isn't timely and perhaps not related.

*He said trying to rationalize the eventual $130 total cost for Good Smile Company's "Swamp Witch Metallica". It's a witch named Metallica? How could I say no?


Despite being a parody, it's probably better than what it's referencing.


Well, That Escalated Quickly.

So I'm watching an item on ebay. This was one of my "deal watches", in that I want to win only to save money. It's not the end of the world if I loose, because I'm looking at the same item for $3 (but combined shipping man, plus bargains at all costs), so I figure I'll go for at MOST $3.

Now, if you're saying that's not so good, the other item is $6.99 shipped. Well, it would be less, because the other seller has other items I want, but still, if done right, this would be cheaper. Plus, this one is mislabeled. People who want it, won't be looking. This could be my way in for cheap!

So I check it the day of, and there's one bid. No big deal, I can still win for $1.04. An hour and a half before, I check again.


Fuck this. No big deal though.

For shits and giggles though, I go back when it's done to see the final price.

Fifty-Three goddamn dollars.

I have ABSOLUTELY no idea how that happened. My only guess(es) is (are) a no one really knew what it was so they couldn't find another and shit their pants over it, or emotions man. You need to win so they other guy doesn't. Like some crazy form of expensive spite. Possibly both. Maybe there's a crazy variation I missed.

Still, one would expect that well, if you are in the market for vintage Hot Wheels cars, chances are you're fairly well versed in automobiles, and know for a fact that the Ford Mustang isn't a sedan, and feel the need to do some research. Oh, to be in the winners house when he gets it, flips it over, sees the casting name and types it in to see how well they did. It's gonna be hilarious.

On the upside, I did score a close to mint vintage Hot Wheels Pontiac J-2000 today for under five bucks. So, clearly I won this week.

Edit: Went back to auction, and the actual vehicle name is pretty clear on the side. I am impressed that someone possibly went that high for spite.

Exciting Vintage SNES Game News!

Those deep into the world of unreleased games are probably aware of the tremendous insanity that was "Socks The Cat Rocks The Hill". Yes, someone, somewhere, decided that in the early to mid 90s, what America truly wanted, nay, needed, was a Socks the cat video game. Sadly, nothing came from it as the company went bust.

However, the prototype cart survived. The owner refused to sell it or release it because it's an investment. Seem silly? It might be.

As it turns out, he did sell it. The new owner is reportedly working on doing a proper complete in box release.

So someday, we may finally get to play a game where Bill Clinton's cat has to battle Jimmy Carter. I know I'm down.


...I don't know who will replace him. Not as a musician, but as that one guy everyone can get behind and say "What an asshole". I'd bust out Gary Glitter, but I'm pretty sure he's retired too. Unless you can make music in far east prisons, which is where I think he is (not sure, haven't checked. Don't care).

It's a shame since at one point, he truly did wow me with "Run It", but that was...a long time ago and his first single. I kept hoping for something else, but nothing came. Which is also a shame, because he really has talent to dance and sing, but let it all go to shit when he punched Rihanna in the face, acted pretty unrepentant, and decided that the best route to take is "Attempt at Being Street Tuff" I use the wrong spelling of tough because, really, it's the only way to describe it.

But perhaps worst of all, is that he refers to that brief spat of domestic violence as a "mistake". A mistake would be telling Rihanna to be quiet, Rihanna refuses, he slaps her and IMMEDIATELY goes "OH SHIT WHAT DID I DO?!?", and even that's stretching it. Beating someone bad enough to send them to the hospital really isn't a mistake.

Hell, even Michael Vick spent his own damn money to go around telling people not to do what he did. People still hate him, but he at least put in some effort to make us love him and make the world a better place.

Unless I dunno, he thinks everyone is yelling at him for painting his Lamborghini like an American WWII fighter plane. That's a mistake.

I don't think he will retire, but we can hope.


From "15 Minutes to Live" by Phoef Sutton.


I don't know where you're going book, nor do I know if I want to go along for this ride, but I will.

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Than I have some good news,as reddit asked people to do them with two sentences.

My daughter won't stop crying and screaming in the middle of the night. I visit her grave and ask her to stop, but it doesn't help.

Damn you Skuppy!

Also we need to find a way to resurrect Poe to write this into a longer story. He could do justice to this.

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I speak of "The David Essex Showcase". What's that you say? I said the same thing yesterday, but think "American Idol", only in the 80s, in Britain, and more or less all New Wave acts. Presumably done to cash in on the craze (much like The Voice, only not awful), the show had a bunch of people competing to win some sort of prize. I would say a recording deal, but a bunch of these people already had one. Thomas Dolby was on this. He had one. Talk Talk was on this. They had one. Lord knows what the prize was. Maybe it was a chance to play for the Queen or something.

That's a good prize right? Who wouldn't like to see 1980s Queen Elizabeth listen to Thomas Dolby with confusion?

Turns out Phillip Jap won. It apparently did nothing for his career. A shame.

Also a shame? Lack of videos on the internets.

But here's Miro Miroe:

Here's Twelth Night:

And here's behind the scenes footage:

I'd buy the shit out of this on DVD. Like five copies in case I break one from over watching.


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