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I Was At Wal-Mart Today AGAIN.

And this Wal-Mart is either completely behind the curve on new Hot Wheels or they sold out. I'll probably have to go to my local TRU, which not only contains the latest, but still has some old Hot Ones sitting there. It's both super active and super dead. Kind of a strange place for a toy store to be.

Either way, that was merely a bonus hunt. I was really there to snag me up a Catty Noir, and I succeeded (granted, she's not too hard to get now, but still).

Didn't really want this one until I saw boomdiada's photo and it was an immediate grab. She gave off these "smokey blues hall singer" vibes and and well, that was enough.

Turns out she isn't, but meh, she's still at least two things I like, those being apparently a pop star liked by teenage girls, and a Halloweeny tie-in, and I am a sucker for those. Be they food, figures, ponys (oh, Pumpkin Tart, the adventures we will have soon) Halloweeny stuff is always wanted and enjoyed. Even if it isn't timely and perhaps not related.

*He said trying to rationalize the eventual $130 total cost for Good Smile Company's "Swamp Witch Metallica". It's a witch named Metallica? How could I say no?