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No One Really Needs Variety Do They?

I've always taken a sort of pride in my local radio stations solely for the selection they offered. You want country? We have that. Hip Hop/R&B? That too. Classic Rock? We have two of those! Maybe three. One station is an oldies one which will play stuff that fits. We even have a dancehall/reggae station! It's kinda hard to pick up and usually sounds scratchy, but it's there dammit!

So I'm driving to work, flipping stations, and the modern rock station is playing "This Time" by INXS, which was...odd. They've played older stuff, but this was totally out of character. The next song was by older Pearl Jam, so ok, their just doing a retro hour. That's fine.

Driving home from work, and it's Pink Floyd. Something is clearly off here. I go to the site and well, they've switched to classic rock. Because clearly, two stations was not enough. I don't exactly blame them, as classic rock is one of the few genres that will always sell, because there will always be people wanting to reclaim their youth and snobby high schoolers who walk around in Jim Morrison shirts, and hey, I can't tell you the last modern rock song they played that I liked, but I liked the option. I liked that I could use it to learn about new bands. Now I'm left listening to popular cuts from Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of The Moon" which I already knew existed, and had two stations to pick from.

Also the station now sounds really off. Before it was a party atmosphere and sounded like two DJs who were having fun, now it's two DJs having sort of fun WHILE reminding you about county fairs. They aren't as bad as the guy on the oldies station who's basically the radio version of Jay Leno, but gah. It's not the same.

On the upside, that INXS song is really sweet. So there was that.