Vive La France, I Love The Fries and The Toast.

You'd look cooler if you wore a frigidaire.

Wethersfield, Connecticut, United States
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If you got here through here, welcome.

If you found this by searching for Japan or Trees in intrests, and know of the bands, let me know!

Anyway, not much to say except I'm in not in college. Work has destroyed my hopes and dreams about humanity. I work in the seventh layer of hell. I'm also desperately searching for a way to turn random knowledge of everything into some type of career.


The 944 is a very good looking car, but if you're going to buy an old unreliable Porsche that's going to cause you to pull your hair out and send you to the poor house, why not get the 928? It's like, if you're going to get a sexually transmitted disease, go all the way and catch hepatitis C. Don't settle for gonorrhea. That's the Porsche way. - r4X0r

Ashlee Simpson is love

Taken from the now defunct journal of new_socks over at greatest journal and colorbar_crazy.

teh Cheat is Badass Love