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I speak of "The David Essex Showcase". What's that you say? I said the same thing yesterday, but think "American Idol", only in the 80s, in Britain, and more or less all New Wave acts. Presumably done to cash in on the craze (much like The Voice, only not awful), the show had a bunch of people competing to win some sort of prize. I would say a recording deal, but a bunch of these people already had one. Thomas Dolby was on this. He had one. Talk Talk was on this. They had one. Lord knows what the prize was. Maybe it was a chance to play for the Queen or something.

That's a good prize right? Who wouldn't like to see 1980s Queen Elizabeth listen to Thomas Dolby with confusion?

Turns out Phillip Jap won. It apparently did nothing for his career. A shame.

Also a shame? Lack of videos on the internets.

But here's Miro Miroe:

Here's Twelth Night:

And here's behind the scenes footage:

I'd buy the shit out of this on DVD. Like five copies in case I break one from over watching.