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...I don't know who will replace him. Not as a musician, but as that one guy everyone can get behind and say "What an asshole". I'd bust out Gary Glitter, but I'm pretty sure he's retired too. Unless you can make music in far east prisons, which is where I think he is (not sure, haven't checked. Don't care).

It's a shame since at one point, he truly did wow me with "Run It", but that was...a long time ago and his first single. I kept hoping for something else, but nothing came. Which is also a shame, because he really has talent to dance and sing, but let it all go to shit when he punched Rihanna in the face, acted pretty unrepentant, and decided that the best route to take is "Attempt at Being Street Tuff" I use the wrong spelling of tough because, really, it's the only way to describe it.

But perhaps worst of all, is that he refers to that brief spat of domestic violence as a "mistake". A mistake would be telling Rihanna to be quiet, Rihanna refuses, he slaps her and IMMEDIATELY goes "OH SHIT WHAT DID I DO?!?", and even that's stretching it. Beating someone bad enough to send them to the hospital really isn't a mistake.

Hell, even Michael Vick spent his own damn money to go around telling people not to do what he did. People still hate him, but he at least put in some effort to make us love him and make the world a better place.

Unless I dunno, he thinks everyone is yelling at him for painting his Lamborghini like an American WWII fighter plane. That's a mistake.

I don't think he will retire, but we can hope.