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Well, That Escalated Quickly.

So I'm watching an item on ebay. This was one of my "deal watches", in that I want to win only to save money. It's not the end of the world if I loose, because I'm looking at the same item for $3 (but combined shipping man, plus bargains at all costs), so I figure I'll go for at MOST $3.

Now, if you're saying that's not so good, the other item is $6.99 shipped. Well, it would be less, because the other seller has other items I want, but still, if done right, this would be cheaper. Plus, this one is mislabeled. People who want it, won't be looking. This could be my way in for cheap!

So I check it the day of, and there's one bid. No big deal, I can still win for $1.04. An hour and a half before, I check again.


Fuck this. No big deal though.

For shits and giggles though, I go back when it's done to see the final price.

Fifty-Three goddamn dollars.

I have ABSOLUTELY no idea how that happened. My only guess(es) is (are) a no one really knew what it was so they couldn't find another and shit their pants over it, or emotions man. You need to win so they other guy doesn't. Like some crazy form of expensive spite. Possibly both. Maybe there's a crazy variation I missed.

Still, one would expect that well, if you are in the market for vintage Hot Wheels cars, chances are you're fairly well versed in automobiles, and know for a fact that the Ford Mustang isn't a sedan, and feel the need to do some research. Oh, to be in the winners house when he gets it, flips it over, sees the casting name and types it in to see how well they did. It's gonna be hilarious.

On the upside, I did score a close to mint vintage Hot Wheels Pontiac J-2000 today for under five bucks. So, clearly I won this week.

Edit: Went back to auction, and the actual vehicle name is pretty clear on the side. I am impressed that someone possibly went that high for spite.